Онлайн заявка

Personal data

According to requirements, tatoos are not acceptable for cabin crew and minimum height is 160 cms. All tatoos must be declared to check if they are visible or not.

Language skills

Note: Evaluate each skill of the language known (Written, Spoken, Understanding) within the scale from 2 to 5 and mark with + or any other relevant sign on the opposite side of each language.
2 — Average, not at ease communicating
3 — Good, can have a basic discussion
4 — Pretty fluent, comfortable and at ease
5 — Fluent, with excellent vocabulary


Work experience


Upload two business style photos: full body and passport size.

Upload two casual style photos: full body and passport size.

Minimum expected salary

Disclaimer: note that accommodation, 3 daily meals, transport and insurance is provided by employer for free to all staff.

Working time

Optional, specify how much are you willing to work?

Отправляя заявку, вы соглашаетесь с политикой обработки и хранения данных